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Our First Book Formatting Project

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Print Design

Book Formatting, graphic design

Book Formatting and Independent Publishing

While more prospective authors have avenues of fulfilling their lifelong dream of writing, for many, there is still a need for book formatting. If you want to publish a book on Kindle or sell a physical copy on Amazon, it isn’t tough. What takes the most significant effort is combining all of the book’s written and illustrated content. What’s the safety margin? How much area of bleeds should you leave? What about the spine area? Do-It-Yourself authors still need someone to design and format their books, connecting words and illustrations into a publishable composition.

We are currently wrapping up our first book formatting project. Children’s book author Lynnette Maynor recently approached us for our help with her second book, Heaven How To Live Til We Get There. Lynnette’s first book was designed and published through a single company. Despite loving the final copy of her first book, Lynnette recounted that the process was a pricey and stressful endeavor.

Independent Publishing

During her writing process for her second book, Lynnette discovered CreateSpace, an Amazon company. CreateSpace helps authors through most of the process of publishing. The catch? Users are required to upload production-ready files. Lynnette had sourced an unnamed media company to help with the formatting process but had some bad luck. The company had difficulties in assembling the book correctly and bringing Lynnette’s vision to life.

The Stars Aligned

Lynnette felt desperate and didn’t know who to turn to for help. When she contacted a satisfied client and close vendor of ours for guidance, he recommended Starry Eyes Media and gave her a cell phone number to get in touch with us. Lynnette called, and we discussed her needs and how we would take care of her project. We are now in the process of compiling Lynnette’s written content and the images she commissioned her friend, illustrator Judy Plumley, to create. We are excited to help her share this with the world!

From Cover to Cover

If you are an author and are needing help with your book project, we would love to help. We offer a variety of services, including website development and social media marketing. Learn more.

Update – 07/11/2020: Since publishing this article, we’ve completed three more books for our dear friend Lynnette, including one full-length children’s book and two coloring books. We love helping clients with print design projects. Let us know if you have a project with which you need help!

Meet Cecelia

Our First Book Formatting Project

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Print Design

Cecelia is the Technical Director and Founder at Starry Eyes. Since 2015, Cecelia has put much of her focus into helping businesses in the mountains of Appalachia. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking up vegan and vegetarian dishes and studio artwork. Cecelia specializes in portrait art, specifically colored pencils, and even has experience etching into black granite by hand.