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16th Annual Taste of Bridge Day

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Community, Print Design

Bridge Day is a trademark of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

Bridge Day

From across the country, thousands gather for a special West Virginian holiday dubbed Bridge Day, an event trademarked by the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce. While many come to jump off a perfectly good bridge, almost as many come for the culture, including delicious food. Taste of Bridge Day, an event that runs alongside Bridge Day, brings delicious recipes from across the state.

Jumping In

When we met Kim, the event coordinator for Taste of Bridge Day, we knew we could help her with her graphic design and print needs. We also knew this project was going to be a lot of fun. Kim was in need of marketing collateral that combined the tasty array of regional vendors, as well as general event information. Additionally, the print needed to include the event sponsors. On top of this special menu, we were also charged with creating an event flyer and a set of nine postcards. The postcards showcased art from children around Fayette County, based on the theme of Bridge Day.

The Menu Project

For the menu, we choose the 17″x11″ trifold format on 80lb text weight paper. The menu portion of the printed piece was contained on the inside of the trifold. Organizing the menu meant first choosing text hierarchy to differentiate the vendor names, dishes, and descriptions. Across the bottom, we listed all of the sponsors. This was probably one of the most challenging aspects of the project, as many of the sponsors were local businesses. A good portion of these businesses didn’t have any digital copy of their logo, so we had to gather and scan business cards.

Kidding Around

The 4,500 postcards we help produce highlighted art from schools around Fayette County and were sold in an effort to raise money for children facing abusive situations. We took the scanned images and formatted them for 6″ x 4″ postcards. The backs of the cards featured the young illustrators’ information.

Are You Ready?

Taste of Bridge Day is Friday, October 20th from 5 – 9 PM at Adventures On The Gorge in Lansing, WV If you’re interested in how Starry Eyes Media can help your business, contact us for a free consultation.

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16th Annual Taste of Bridge Day

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Community, Print Design

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