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Historic Hinton – A Walking Tour Brochure

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Community, Print Design

Historic Hinton, WV

Hinton From Then to Now

The City of Hinton has a rich history. Many of the iconic landmarks from the city’s heyday remain today. The city’s Historic Landmarks Commission received a grant to promote their attractions. They contacted us about planning and designing a brochure for the Historic Hinton Walking Tour, and we were more than happy to oblige. What a fun project!

A Team Project

Breaking this project down into two primary components, we had the map portion and the cover. Of course, the other panels took some time to design, but the two ones mentioned above de the most.

The map portion was made a great deal easier because our project contact, Sarah, had already organized and saved a Google Map file with the points. We did a vector layout of the map, with number pinpoints to match up with accompanying descriptions on the panels that followed the route. While some think that designing maps is tedious work, Brandon was happy to jump in and take the lead on this part of the project. Consistency in fonts, outlines, and color choices took most of his focus.

The cover features a picture sourced from the client (Sarah was so organized!). The challenge with this photo was that it didn’t quite fit and needed heavy restoration work in Adobe Photoshop.

Along the other panels, you’ll find we placed in more historical black and white photographs in hopes of giving the reader a “then & now” feel while taking the walking tour. On the back panel, I designed a vector of the Bluestone Dam to express an authentic Hinton, WV sense.











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Historic Hinton – A Walking Tour Brochure

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Community, Print Design

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