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Is Print Marketing Dead?

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Learning, Print Design

Print marketing

In today’s world, it seems like digital technology has taken over most business marketing and communication. The internet has produced a mindset where people don’t seem to value print design as much. Or is that true? It turns out; there is still a myriad of ways to build your business through paper means as well as by using new technology. Get the best of both worlds by incorporating a few of these techniques into your marketing campaign.


The fact that bookstores still exist is proof enough that paper isn’t going anywhere. Despite the convenience of having a tablet that stores the written word, people still want to hold a book in their hands. It doesn’t require batteries or internet, and it just feels right. Using books as a source of knowledge about your company or industry is an excellent technique for establishing your name in the business and providing useful content your audience wants.

Digital Print

Printing from a digital image is the future of business-building. It allows you to capture the beauty and precision of the digital work in a more tactile way. This is a great way to market with paper and get beautiful art into the hands of people most likely to purchase your products. This is also a great method of advertising, either in poster or flyer prints.


Financial services are one of the businesses that continue to use brochures at every turn. While the information may be readily available on their website, an informational brochure gives people something beautiful and physical to flip through while making their decisions. Brochures have also proved useful in healthcare, as patients can get quick information on illness or treatment right in the waiting room.


If you have ever been to a restaurant with an excellent menu, you understand the power of print marketing. Restaurants will never go away, as long as people keep eating. And they will always look to compete with whatever advantage they can find, which is why digital menu printing is going to be a trend to look for. Already, smaller print menus, flyers, and discount specials are great ways restaurants make use of print media.

Design Manuals

When laying the framework for a building or other structure, you need precise and large prints. Without them, the team can’t perform their job. This will boost the rest of the business along with it and give you a solid framework to train your staff from within.


In a world where sending a social media direct message is considered normal, it is smart to stick out from the rest in your market with paper marketing. Send a handwritten or printed letter. The design and paper aspects will help create an emotional reaction in your client. If you are looking to get the most out of today’s technology without making major sacrifices, then you should consider the power of digital print services. They can turn your best digital designs into something that any customer will enjoy. That way instead of missing out on sales, you will gain loyal customers for life.

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Is Print Marketing Dead?

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Learning, Print Design

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