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5 Mistakes That Businesses Make Online

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Learning, Web Design

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The massive popularity of the internet means your business needs to have an established online presence. Unfortunately, many companies find themselves making mistakes in the online world. In this post, you’ll learn just five of the common mistakes that businesses commonly make online.

1. Poor Quality Content

Understandably, not everyone can adequately express their ideas in writing. Even the best writers have to work at their craft continually. Whether you’re outsourcing your content or writing your own, it’s essential to follow a few guidelines. First, you never want written material that’s too long or too short. Few people want to read 5,000-word articles. With that said, you don’t want to leave out too much. To avoid these situations, make sure you’re checking your word count. Compare your word count to other high-ranking articles on similar topics.

2. Poorly Formatted Content

You can have the best-written content in your industry. However, without formatting, your content will be hard for visitors to read. To remedy this problem, consider creating text hierarchies. For example, creatively use headers and lists. Lists, such as bulleted or numbered, can be peppered throughout your articles to break up the monotony. Don’t forget to include plenty of breaks between large amounts of text. As a result, breaking up large chunks of text makes lengthy pieces less intimidating to read.

3. Using Lame Stock Photos

Nothing kills the credibility of a website faster than using cheesy stock photos. These photos are often collected and regularly posted around the internet. Using generic stock photos means your site could become the butt of many jokes. Skip the cheesy photos, and use something more legit for your website. Real photos of your products and your company’s culture can go a long way.

4. Not Being Mobile-Friendly

You’ll want to have a mobile-friendly website. Your site should loads appropriately on a wide range of devices. A short while ago, Google began to penalize sites that weren’t mobile-friendly by dropping their position in search engine rankings. Luckily, a professional should be able to complete this task for you in a short amount of time.

5. Having a Slow Business Website

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make online is having a slow website. Forbes reports that for every second a site takes to load, the possibility of a sale decreases by 7%. There can be several reasons why a website can load slowly or not at all. Often the case is the site is outdated.

Online Business Conclusion

In conclusion, there are several common mistakes companies make online. To avoid these mistakes, consider partnering with our web design firm. In turn, you’ll be able to have these problems easily corrected.


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5 Mistakes That Businesses Make Online

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Learning, Web Design

Greetings! I'm the Creative Director at Starry Eyes Media, an Appalachian-based creative agency specializing in small government web and brand development. I enjoy taking a pragmatic approach to developing strategies and managing creative communications projects. In addition, I love helping small and rural communities transition into modern communication strategies by developing custom-tailored tools, such as interactive websites. Over the years, my passion for working with small businesses has evolved into a broader love of empowering the communities that sustain small businesses and their residents with digital tools that promote growth and tourism. More recently, I accepted an invitation to join the city council's Community Improvement Commission for the City of Princeton, WV. I began establishing my creative career at an early age, some nineteen years ago, when I jump-started my education in advertising and communications arts by attending Mercer County Technical Education Center before pursuing university studies. Since then, I've developed my unique skill set with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising/Graphics Design, completed numerous freelance projects, and fully managed digital communications, branding, booking, and tour planning/managing for an indie band (while also writing and performing). Ultimately, I've helped hundreds of clients across numerous industries, including state and local government, nonprofits, food services, manufacturing/fabrication, and more. In 2015, I became the Lead Designer at the fresh and ambitious startup Starry Eyes Media. Since then, I've worn many hats, as one does with startups, but the one I've taken to heart the most is my current role as Creative Director. Though I still design and contribute to the creative process on many projects, my essential responsibilities include planning, developing, and maintaining the full complement of Starry Eyes' innovative services, internal communications systems, and processes. I also oversee the client journey cycle and a number of individual client relationships. If you have similar passions and endeavors, I welcome the opportunity to connect!