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New Kids On The Block Consignment

New Kids on the Block has been in business for over twelve years! We carry kid's clothes, shoes, accessories and so much more!

New Kids on the Block has been in business for over twelve years! They carry kid’s clothes, shoes, accessories and so much more!

From New Kids On The Block:

We’ve been in business for over 20 years & not only do we carry kids’ clothing & etc., but we carry clothing for adults & so much more!!! We have some housewares, name brand purses, hats, scarves, DVDs, books & jewelry.

We are open Thursday & Friday 1-6 PM & Saturday 11 AM-3 PM.

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A shot of New Kids on the Block Consignment's storefront, located on Mercer Street in Princeton, WV.


801 Mercer Street Princeton, WV 24740



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Starry Eyes Media is a web design and branding agency located in Princeton, WV. We created this page and others to highlight neighborhood businesses and help them get found online.

Starry Eyes was established in 2015 and has worked with a wide variety of local business owners and managers.

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