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Why Print Marketing Is Important

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Intern Blog, Learning, Print Design

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Establishes Trust

Utilizing print to market your business can make you seem more credible. Companies that use print media for advertising appear more legitimate than a brand that only advertises online. For instance, anyone can create a website, but not everyone is willing to invest in printed materials such as magazines and catalogs. Taking advantage of both print and digital media creates consistency in your brand.

Increases Engagement

Print can be beneficial to your business because it makes it easier for your audience to feel connected. For example, many users may only spend a few seconds scanning through a website but might spend as much as half an hour reading through a printed publication. Consumer Neuroscience Researchers at Temple University discovered that print advertisements kept user’s attention longer than digital ads. They also found that consumers that engaged with print media had an increased emotional response and stronger memory, which means that print can provide a more memorable and satisfying experience.

Reaches A Larger Audience

While it is imperative to have a successful website, it is also crucial to invest in print marketing. Competition for online advertising continues to grow, but it is still necessary to focus on marketing to consumers who may not rely so heavily on the internet. For instance, older generations who are less internet savvy and people who live in remote locations are more likely to depend on printed publications. This approach is also beneficial when you’re trying to inform local consumers about your business.

To conclude, print marketing is still a meaningful way to advertise. It builds trust and makes your business seem more reliable than others who exclusively use digital media. It not only increases the amount of time that readers interact with your brand, but it also appeals to a broader audience. 

Want Help?

Whether you’re too busy to undertake and manage your brand’s print marketing efforts or you prefer to hire professionals to take care of your print marketing needs, considering hiring Starry Eyes Media. We have experience in designing and distributing a variety of printed materials and would love to discuss your project!




Why Print Marketing Is Important

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Intern Blog, Learning, Print Design