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Why We Use WordPress

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Onboarding, Web Design

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Our website development team has experience in two different content management systems: Drupal and WordPress. Of the two, WordPress is far superior for a variety of reasons. WordPress is a thriving open-source platform. Developers from all over the world are actively working to keep modern and streamlined. While Drupal is also an open-source platform, it is a dying one. Drupal has a dwindling number of active developers, slow load times, and fewer third-party integration options.

Less Pain To Maintain Your Website

User-friendliness is another benefit of WordPress. It is easy to learn and update. Anyone who can type out a Microsoft Word document will be able to update an event, notice, or blog post with ease. Knowledge of HTML coding is not required for essential WordPress updates. The training process is simple for people who do not have coding experience.

WordPress allows for an unlimited number of users. It also recognizes different user roles, each with varying levels of access to critical areas of the site. You can even let visitors sign up for an account on your site with specific permissions, such as the ability to comment on blog posts.

Geared For Search Engine Optimization

Popular search engines such as Google favor WordPress because the code behind WordPress is clean and straightforward. With its streamlined structure, it’s easier for search engines to “crawl” and index the content of your website. Each page, post, or image can have custom meta tag keywords, descriptions, titles, and specific optimization.

User Interface (UI) Focused

Every website that Starry Eyes Media develops in WordPress comes with a responsive design that automatically adjusts to the screen size of any device. We test our sites across different devices, including Apple and Android. We also test our sites on popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.

WordPress allows our team to seamlessly integrate with third-party software, making it easy and efficient to expand your website’s capabilities and continuously improve the user experience.

Greater Market Share = Ongoing Improvements

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS available. It’s the chosen CMS used by companies, organizations, and countries across the world such as Sony Music, MTV News, The New Yorker, the nation of Sweden, Walt Disney, Time Inc., and more. WordPress has 59.7% of the market share and is currently used on 22,671,100 websites (Popular CMS by Market Share 2018 by Robert Mening), a number that is much larger than Drupal or Joomla. It is adaptable to fit any website type. With the constant development of third-party integrations and the ability to upload various media types, WordPress is the most powerful CMS available in 2020.

For A Content Management System, The Choice Is Simple

If you want a website that is easy to use, update, and user-friendly, WordPress is the CMS you should use. Starry Eyes can help you develop a professional website using WordPress and help you keep it running smoothly once it’s launched. We offer Premium Managed Hosting and Brand Management packages to assist with ongoing website needs.

For more information about WordPress, such as requirements, plugins, and so much more, visit

Meet Cecelia


Why We Use WordPress

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Onboarding, Web Design

Cecelia is the Technical Director and Founder at Starry Eyes. Since 2015, Cecelia has put much of her focus into helping businesses in the mountains of Appalachia. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking up vegan and vegetarian dishes and studio artwork. Cecelia specializes in portrait art, specifically colored pencils, and even has experience etching into black granite by hand.