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How To Tell If Your Logo Could Use a Refresher

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Branding

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We’ve all seen our fair share of outdated and confusing logos, but how do you know when it’s time to update your logo? These are some things to look for when making that decision.

It Might Be Time For an Update

You never want your logo to be over-complicated. As we mentioned before in our previous blog post, “Branding Do’s and Don’ts,” it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of designing and end up doing way too much. Symbols with too many elements can be confusing and take away from what you’re trying to sell/promote. For instance, if your logo has multiple gradients, lots of clashing colors, or too many textures, it might be overcomplicating the design. Remember, you want your logo to be memorable, not overwhelming. 

Another way to tell if your logo needs to be updated is if it has too much information. If your logo has too many things you’re trying to convey, it isn’t relevant to your brand and can confuse consumers. For example, many people use detailed illustrations as logos. While illustrations can be a great way to making an idea stand out, it doesn’t make sense as a logo. Illustrated logos can look great when done correctly; however, filling your logo with small details that’ll get lost in the design is not a good idea. Using an illustration as a logo can include too much information and components that aren’t necessary.

Relevancy is key to having a successful logo. You want your logo to be relevant to what you’re selling. Otherwise, it isn’t helpful to your brand. While a logo doesn’t have to be completely obvious to convey what you’re selling, it needs to have elements that tell the consumer its purpose. For instance, you wouldn’t want a flamboyant neon symbol to represent a spa. While it might work better for other businesses like bars, it wouldn’t make sense to this brand. 

Finally, your logo needs to be versatile. For example, it won’t be successful if it doesn’t work in black and white or one-color versions. In addition, you want your logo to be able to work on different backgrounds without blending in or becoming illegible. For instance, if you have a black logo on a black background, it isn’t going to be easy to read. That’s why it’s essential to have a versatile logo that works in different situations.

A Clear Identity

All in all, your logo should be clean, simple, relevant, and versatile to be successful. While these rules can be broken in some instances, they are good to go by when considering redesigning your logo.


How To Tell If Your Logo Could Use a Refresher

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Branding