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Don’t Hire Your Cousin For Your Next Project

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Branding, Learning

Just because your cousin Bob has an app on his phone and wants to design your logo or business website doesn’t mean letting him go at it is a good idea.

You want your logo to have that special something that communicates what your business is about, not pasted together clip art—or worse, a logo that makes your business look incompetent, undesirable, or unprofessional. 

A clipart image of a blue car with "Larry's Repo" on top of it.

Use a professional graphic design agency. Here are just a few reasons why.

Professional Look

Having your design needs taken care of by a design agency gives your brand a more professional look. This doesn’t just include a clean and slick design; it also entails other things like having faster loading times for your website. 

In fact, almost 70% of consumers confirm that a slow loading speed on a website directly impacts their desire to purchase from a retailer—and this bears out in studies. For each second of page loading time, your customer is about 5% less likely to make a purchase. Can you afford to have Cousin Bob throw together a website for you? 

Maybe Cousin Bob can give you cool (SLOW) animations on your webpage… at the same time, he’s killing your business with the load time on his slow server. Bob may not charge you much, but you’ll sure be paying for his services!

Luckily for you, our load speeds are light-speed fast. So you want your customers to have the best possible experience and we can provide that with our professional graphic and web design services.

Experienced Creative Team

Cousin Bob’s logo design process may consist of: here’s your logo. Done! 

Cousin Bob may be an exceptional artist, but he may not know what a vector file is or why your logo should be developed in vector format. In addition, he may not have the training to understand how to produce clean files that can be used on merchandise or product labels. Or worse, he may plonk tiny, unreadable letters onto a piece of clip art that you don’t have proper licensing for—potentially making you legally liable for intellectual property theft, in addition to bad design.

Being a good artist doesn’t necessarily make you a good designer. Having good artwork is a nice start, but there are many more technical details that go into producing professional graphic design.

On the other hand, professionals generally have one or even a team of designers (like our stellar team) with loads of experience translating your vision into something that will be well designed and professional. 

Cousin Bob may have his methods, but our team works hard to develop carefully executed and relevant designs for your business. You’ll benefit from our designers’ knowledge of current trends and innovative techniques by hiring us for your next project. They’ll help show you new features and express their creativity to bring you the best design possible. 

Check out our portfolio to view some of our work. 

Wide Variety of Services

Cousin Bob may be a great illustrator… that won’t necessarily translate to any knowledge of marketing or best practices. Bob doesn’t know that his elaborate (and slow) animations are bleeding off your customers, and he certainly doesn’t know how to improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). He may not even know how to prepare a print-ready file, so you may be paying more at the printers so they can adequately prepare it.

Bottom line: you’re paying A TON OF MONEY for Bob’s services. And you’ll be paying for it for years to come—for as long as your business lasts.

We hate to break it to you because he’s such a nice guy, and Aunt Suzy, his mom, will be so disappointed… but he’s not worth it. (And Aunt Suzy and cousin Bob will get over it in the end. You can buy them some lovely gifts with all those profits you’ll be making, right?)

You want to invest in professional designers for your next project.

Starry Eyes

Using a design agency like ours is the best choice for your business. After all, making money from your passion was the purpose of starting your business. For that, you need not only a professional look for your business and brand, but you may also need to make use of a wide variety of marketing services including branding, print design, website development, website management, e-commerce solutions, promotional materials, and much more. 

Can Bob give you all that? He may think he can. But if you’re a wise business owner, you know that using Bob’s Bargain Basement Designs is setting your own business up for failure. 

Our advice? Just have him design the family holiday cards—but invest in a professional for your business. 


Don’t Hire Your Cousin For Your Next Project

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Branding, Learning