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6 Reasons Why Having A Website Is Better Than Using Facebook Alone

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Web Design

The Facebook logo set over a business webpage displayed on a computer

There is no competition when comparing a sleek and well-designed website to a regular Facebook page. However, while it can be a good tool, a Facebook page is not a stand-alone marketing tool. You need to have a website in addition to a Facebook page. Here are six reasons why having a site is better for your business than using Facebook alone.

Reaches Younger Audiences

Facebook has proven to be out of touch. Research shows that 44% of young millennials (age: 18-29) have left Facebook. However, only a third of users 65 and older have deleted Facebook, which means you have a much more limited audience and won’t reach younger audiences as effectively as if you had a website. In addition, a social media account doesn’t have the stability that a website has. 


Another significant aspect of web design is that it has accessibility features that Facebook design doesn’t have. While Facebook does have some accessibility features, having a website gives you more ways of making sure your business information is accessible, and if you don’t know how to do that on Facebook you can hire a web developer like us to make your site accessible.


Facebook doesn’t use SEO the same way that a website does. A website lets you optimize your content to attract new customers. Facebook has its own algorithm that reaches new audiences. But unfortunately, you can’t access it or view how people access your page. SEO allows you to have more control over how your content is viewed.


Facebook doesn’t show off your branding; only your logo shows your font or color palette. Your customization on Facebook is limited. You can add a logo or banner picture but can’t change fonts, add graphics, change layouts, or even change the color palette to match your branding. With a website, everything is customizable and can always be changed.


Facebook isn’t well organized. It doesn’t give you an option to have information on pages. For example, you can only pin one thing at a time on Facebook; you can’t have everything in one place like you can on a website. Facebook is meant for people who are constantly updating with information. It’s not built for information to stay in one place. 

Rich Results

Rich Results are an enhanced result in Google that has extra visual or interactive features. The picture below shows rich results when searching for recipes.

For example, your Facebook page isn’t going to show up on rich results if someone googles “pharmacies near me”. But your website can. It’ll show your store’s location on a map and even give the option for directions.

In closing, having a website is infinitely better than only using Facebook to advertise your business. A website reaches larger audiences, allows you to use accessibility features, implement your branding, and show up on rich results. Contact us if you would like to take the step and get a website built.


6 Reasons Why Having A Website Is Better Than Using Facebook Alone

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Web Design