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Modernize Your Business Card for 2022

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Branding

While some may believe business cards are outdated or unnecessary, it’s quite the opposite. Now that digital business cards exist, it’s essential to bring in the new year by getting with the times and updating your business card. While print design is essential and has its place, digital business cards are much more modern and convenient and will help give your business that extra edge.

Represent Your Brand

A business card helps to introduce YOU as an individual and your business as a brand. It’s the first exposure people will have to your business. Your business card sets the tone for what your company represents. A business card gives potential customers an idea of your branding and what kind of business you run. 

Below is an example of what a digital card could look like. It even automatically creates a QR code to link to your card that you can share on social media.

A digital business card for Starry Eyes Media.

Suppose you exchange business cards with someone who has elegant imagery, foiling, and embossing on their card. These embellishments are all lovely but are you keeping the card? Really? In the modern world, the answer is probably “no.” It was a brief impression you may not remember in two days.

That’s because most people are not going to stick a business card in their Rolodex, keep it in their wallet, or save it in a physical card file as they would have in the 70s and 80s. At one time, you could make a lasting impression with a business card that would live on in the contacts file every time someone used it. But now? You probably copy the information to your contacts and keep the information digitally. Then, you toss the card, right? Physically storing contact information on a set of business cards is an inconvenience now, where once it was standard practice. 

By contrast, suppose a business owner presents you with a digital card containing cool features like modern graphics and even a QR code linking you to all their socials—or automatically adding their info to your contacts. How convenient, and what a way to respect your time! You’re likely to be more impressed with how innovative and time-saving the design is. And you’re more likely to want to do business with a company that makes it easy for you.

While print business cards can be creative and exciting, they’re just not as practical or convenient as digital cards or cards with digital aspects.

Respecting your customers’ time can be an essential way to set the tone for taking care of business. Instead of expecting someone to find time to manually key all your information into their contacts, you just share a fully digital business card. Or use a physical business card with a QR code that adds your contact information to their phone automatically. 

Or use unique business cards with a QR code to take customers directly to your web store or sign-up form. But, again, there are lots of modern options.

Be Creative 

A creative, well-designed business card can set you apart from your competitors and draw more attention to your business. 

There are so many creative ways to display information. For instance, you could extend patterns from one card to another, lean into a clean, modern approach, or even have graphics that are cut off of one card and line up to another card. 

Since modern conveniences mean your card doesn’t have to be a standard shape that will fit someone’s Rolodex or wallet. You could opt for a square or round card to stand out—or even a die-cut card. Some businesses might prefer a magnetic business card—convenient to place on a refrigerator for the next time plumbing or other handiwork is needed. 

However, there are even more ways to show information with a digital card creatively. For example, you could use a gif in the background with a moving graphic that loops back every few seconds. You could even throw in some effects that make the experience more interactive. The possibilities are endless.

Digital Networking Tool

 A business card can be a vital tool in networking with other business owners and learning about what their business can do for you. You can learn a lot about a company by looking at their card. Don’t just learn about where they’re located or their hours; you also get a sense of what kind of branding they use for their business and how they represent it. And as mentioned previously, you can sometimes even get a sense of whether they respect your time or not. 

Two clicks to add your business name, phone number, and email address automatically is way more likely to make its way into your leads’ digital contacts than expecting them to type it all in, especially when networking at a conference where many cards may be exchanged. 

For 2022 leave your old, outdated notions about business cards behind and start fresh in our digital world. So make your resolution now: Contact us to help you design a modern, elegant, and eye-catching business card.


Modernize Your Business Card for 2022

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Branding