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Why Highly Detailed Logos Don’t Work

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Branding, Onboarding

Logos should be clean and simple. Why? Because including too many details or elements can get confusing and be hard to read at smaller sizes. Your logo is all about communicating your brand to anyone who sees it. So, you want to make sure it’s sending a clear message. If your logo looks muddy at small sizes because the dense details have blended together, your branding won’t send an effective and professional message.

They’re Not Versatile

It’s essential to design your branding with different sizes in mind. A good logo must be readable in many different contexts. Your detailed logo may look great when it takes up your entire computer screen on a website. However, that doesn’t mean it will be readable when placed on a business card or on merch. If you have your slogan or tagline with your logo, they should be readable in every application, large or small, that logo will be used.

They’re Too Complicated

For instance, if you own an animal shelter and want to create a logo, you wouldn’t include every breed of cat or dog at your shelter in the logo. Or, even if you decide to design your logo after one of your dogs, you wouldn’t want to use a significant amount of detail because it would get lost at smaller sizes. Including every line, hair, and color of the dog would look overwhelming and read more as a complex illustration rather than a logo.

Instead, it’d be better to try a silhouette or a simplified version of a dog or cat. Potential customers can still tell that you own an animal shelter but won’t be bombarded with too much information. Your logo should contain enough information to know what it is and what it’s for but not so much that it looks like a highly-detailed illustration. Now consider your logo’s colors. In certain contexts, such as embroidery, including many colors in your branding can increase production costs. For this reason, you’ll want to create a logo simple enough that you can make a recognizable single-color version.

They’re Not Memorable 

The more information you include, the more the viewer must process. Logos are supposed to be memorable so that the consumer can associate your business with your branding. If you have an overly complex design, it is much harder to remember.

Besides keeping it simple, you also want to make sure your branding stands out from other logos. We’ll explore this idea of different types of logos more in a future blog post.

If you need help simplifying your logo or need a new design that is as simple and clean as it is elegant, contact us today!