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Why You Should Use Digital Forms

Getting buried under stacks of paper forms is now a thing of the past. Digital forms make life so much easier by allowing your customers to access them from their couches, cars, and anywhere else on the go. They save time, are environmentally friendly, and help you stand out with elegantly designed forms that showcase information in a well-thought-out, organized way.

Easily Accessible

Digital forms can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. This makes filling out forms much quicker and simpler for you or your customers. They don’t have to worry about picking up a form and then mailing, returning, or (worse!) losing the form. They just fill out the digital form and hit submit. Boom! It’s taken care of.

Saves Time

Digital forms are an excellent alternative to paper forms because they save you (and your customers) so much time. Your customers don’t have to worry about making an error and having to print or pick up a new form. And you don’t have to worry about deciphering messy or illegible handwriting. Plus, you and your staff will save countless hours in data entry.


A digital form reduces the amount of paper waste your business produces and is clearly the more environmentally friendly option. But paper forms aren’t just wasteful; they take up space. Having to store 20 years’ worth of business forms can be problematic. Think of all the space you’d have for other things if you finally converted to digital forms!

Automation Ready

Electronic forms put your data into a usable format, giving your business automation capabilities, such as email notifications, integration with customer relationship management platforms, and more. This can be incredibly helpful, especially if your forms are set up to push data to different sources such as marketing platforms or repeating invoices. Digital forms help organize your data in a meaningful way, making the data easier to manage with less effort from your employees. 

Cost Effective

On average, businesses can save 10-30% on overall business printing costs by switching from paper to digital forms. If you’re using fewer employee hours filing and sorting information from paper forms—or on data entry from paper and into a digital format for storage—that saves you money. Additionally, with paper forms, you’ll spend money on printing, ink, and toner. You also have to invest in a printer. Using digital forms is almost always more cost-effective.

More Attractive 

Those printing costs can limit your design options. If you have to consider ink costs when designing your form, you’re probably less likely to choose an option with more color because it will cost so much more to print. Digital forms let you design however you want without being limited by printing costs. 

Electronic forms are an essential tool for modern businesses. 

  • You’ll make your customers happy because they can access your digital forms, comfortably—from anywhere.
  • Your customers don’t have to worry about when they’re going to have time to fill a form in manually and mail it.
  • You reduce the amount of paper waste your business is producing.
  • Your business has access to automated functions that save you time by easily integrating with other software.
  • Digital forms are cost-effective, saving you both in employee time and in printing costs.
  • You have more creative freedom for your branding because you’re not limited by standard form costs. 

If you’d like to make the move to go digital, contact us, and we’ll create you attractive, custom, online forms.