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Increase Your Restaurant Sales: Smart Updates for Your Menus

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Learning, Menu Design

A page El Mariachi Mexican restaurant's menu designed by Starry Eyes Media showing the Pancho Villa Burritos dish.


As a restaurant owner, finding ways to increase your restaurant sales is a constant goal. What if you could boost your sales using only some simple menu design tweaks? You can do just that by updating your restaurant menus with consumer psychology considerations in mind. By understanding the intrinsic value of menu items and incorporating upsells, you can entice customers to spend more. Here’s some helpful tips on how to update your restaurant menu designs to increase revenue per guest.

Highlight Signature Dishes and Drinks

Start by showcasing your restaurant’s unique offerings and signature dishes prominently on the menu. Identify the dishes with higher profit margins and make these your featured and most delectable menu items. Use enticing descriptions that evoke sensory experiences and create a sense of anticipation. Highlighting these special items captures customers’ attention and increases their perceived value, encouraging them to choose these higher-priced options.

Craft Alluring Menu Descriptions

After you have discovered your customer-favorite dishes with the best profit margins, draft descriptions and titles for them that will be sure to get attention. Well-crafted menu descriptions are essential for enticing customers to order certain items. Use descriptive language that appeals to their senses and creates an emotional connection. Highlight ingredients, cooking techniques, and unique flavors to make the dishes sound more appealing and valuable. For example, instead of “Grilled Chicken Sandwich,” you could write “Juicy Grilled Chicken Breast on a Toasted Ciabatta Roll with Savory Herb Aioli.”

Create Eye-Catching Visuals

Incorporate appealing visuals into your menu design to stimulate customers’ appetites and draw their attention to specific menu items. After you have identified your signature and featured menu items with higher profit margins, be sure to complement your enticing descriptions with photos that highlight their most delicious features. Also identify any other dishes that are particularly visually attractive and capture salivating images of them. High-quality food photography or creative illustrations can entice customers to explore different options and consider upgrading their choices. Visual cues can significantly influence customers’ decision-making process.

Utilize Strategic Pricing

Implementing strategic pricing techniques can influence customers’ choices and increase revenue. One effective approach is known as “charm pricing,” when prices are set just below the nearest whole dollar ($9.99 instead of $10.00). This pricing strategy creates the perception of a lower cost and can positively impact customers’ willingness to order.

Offer Attractive Combos and Add-Ons

Present customers with combo meals or add-on options that provide additional value. Combining a main dish with a side and a drink at a slightly discounted price encourages customers to order more items, increasing their overall spend. Additionally, offer appealing add-ons like premium toppings, sauces, or sides for an extra charge, allowing customers to personalize their meals and enhancing their dining experience.

Use Language that Suggests Value

In your menu descriptions, strategically incorporate suggestive language that emphasizes value and upselling opportunities. For instance, phrases like “Upgrade to a Premium Cut of Steak for Only $X More” or “Complete Your Meal with Our Mouthwatering Dessert Selection” encourage customers to choose higher-priced items or add-ons, increasing their spend per visit.


By updating your food and drink menus with consumer psychology considerations in mind, you can increase sales at your restaurant. Incorporate attractive visuals, alluring menu descriptions, strategic pricing, combos, and suggestive language to entice customers and enhance their perceived value of menu items. Remember to optimize your menu language, ensuring that everyone can follow and appreciate the offerings. Implement these tips and watch as your menu updates drive higher revenue and create a more enjoyable dining experience for your customers.

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Increase Your Restaurant Sales: Smart Updates for Your Menus

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Learning, Menu Design

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