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Benefits of Modernizing Your Print Forms

A folder kit of modern municipal forms designed by Starry Eyes Media for the City of Princeton, West Virginia.

No one particularly enjoys paperwork, but even in the world of digital forms, it’s still often a necessity for groups like local governments and economic development authorities. The challenge, then, is designing your forms to create the best experience for those who complete and process them. The answer is modern, stylish, and accessible paper forms. If your current forms don’t quite fit the bill, it’s time for a refresh. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits modern print forms can bring to your organization.

Make More Efficient Use of Space

If you have bloated forms with unnecessary information or a layout that takes up too much space, paper, and ink, modernizing your forms can give you a chance to reset. A streamlined layout that makes efficient use of space can be one more technique to cut down on the paper and ink needed and reduce printing costs.

While still using text sizes and layouts that are accessible to all readers, a redesigned layout may be what your forms need to be as efficient as possible.

Update Your Style and Information

If you haven’t updated in a while, you may have stacks of forms featuring outdated design styles, information, or branding. Forms with old and out of fashion design features contribute to making your organization look out of fashion as well. Yet, interacting with sleek, modern forms will contribute to your organization earning a reputation for style and efficiency. Updating to a new paper form design is also a good opportunity to make sure you’re showing off your current branding with style.

An organization like a local government with multitudes of services, activities, and programs has a lot of changing information. So, if some of your forms feature out of date information, that’s a great opportunity to update not just your info but the design and look of your forms. Or, add new information and new field formats to make your forms more effective. Modern forms with current info and stylish appearance reinforce the image of a modern and effective organization.

Ensure Accessible and Readable Forms

Another pitfall of old print forms is text that isn’t accessible to all readers or is difficult to read. Any new form design must ensure that text for important instructions, titles, and field descriptions are easy to read. Use a large enough text size, ample space between lines, and other considerations to create an easy reading experience for all.

Additionally, the form’s layout also contributes to an easy and pleasant experience. Create a clear layout in your forms with distinct divisions between sections and between different fields within sections. Modernizing your print forms is a great opportunity to become a more accessible local government and provide smooth access to your services for your residents.

Create Digital Integration

Digital forms are an obvious way to integrate your services and programs with your online platforms. But even print forms can be incorporated into your online tools more closely than you might think. One way is by including QR codes in your form design.

Use a QR code on your form to provide an easy link to an online version of the form for anyone with a smartphone. Or, use them to direct your the form’s user to webpages providing more information or a secondary action. QR codes can connect a smartphone to a webpage, provide downloadable contact information, a link to download an app, and far more, providing a multitude of possibilities for digital integration.


Modern forms, even print forms, have a great capacity to make life easier both for your residents and your staff. If yours aren’t quite up to scratch, it’s a great time to fix that.

We offer municipal print form packages to local governments, EDAs, and more to help update their forms easily and affordably. We’ll partner with you to create modern forms that stylishly meet the needs of your organization and residents. Contact us if you want a partner for your municipal forms.

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Benefits of Modernizing Your Print Forms

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