Starry Eyes Media
Cecelia Thompson
Cecelia is the Technical Director and Founder at Starry Eyes. Since 2015, Cecelia has put much of her focus into helping businesses in the mountains of Appalachia. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking up vegan and vegetarian dishes and studio artwork. Cecelia specializes in portrait art, specifically colored pencils, and even has experience etching into black granite by hand.

Book Some Time With Me

Community Communications Project Consultation

Do you have a community project your organization needs advice or help with, or are you interested in contributing to one of my community projects? Schedule time with me for a meeting, interview, or consultation. Here is a list of some of the topics on which I’m most passionate and knowledgeable:

  • Project Planning / System Design / Workflows / Organizational Processes
  • Brand Development / Logo Design / Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Brand Positioning
  • Web Development / Content Management Systems/ Website Hosting / DNS Records
  • Print Publications / Comprehensive Plan Formatting & Publishing / Community Catalogs / Page & Spread Planning / Binding / Folding / Print-Ready Files
  • Graphic Design / Custom Maps / Photography & Photo Editing / Color & Typography Planning
  • Data Engineering / MySQL / Airtable / MS Access / MS Excel / Databases / Spreadsheets
  • Content Strategies / Promotional Planning
Project Coordination Meeting

We can use this time to discuss your open project that we’re currently working on.

  • Onboarding
  • Discovery Requests
  • Project Updates
  • Project Hand-Off