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Lissa Lucas
Project Manager

Strategic Communications, Digital Marketing, Public & Media Relations, Team Building, Process Management, Process Improvement, SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing

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Community Communications Project Consultation

Do you have a community project your organization needs advice or help with, or are you interested in contributing to one of my community projects? Schedule time with me for a meeting, interview, or consultation. Here is a list of some of the topics on which I’m most passionate and knowledgeable:

  • Project Planning / System Design / Workflows / Organizational Processes
  • Brand Development / Logo Design / Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Brand Positioning
  • Web Development / Content Management Systems/ Website Hosting / DNS Records
  • Print Publications / Comprehensive Plan Formatting & Publishing / Community Catalogs / Page & Spread Planning / Binding / Folding / Print-Ready Files
  • Graphic Design / Custom Maps / Photography & Photo Editing / Color & Typography Planning
  • Data Engineering / MySQL / Airtable / MS Access / MS Excel / Databases / Spreadsheets
  • Content Strategies / Promotional Planning
Project Coordination Meeting

We can use this time to discuss your open project that we’re currently working on.

  • Onboarding
  • Discovery Requests
  • Project Updates
  • Project Hand-Off
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