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When To Use The Third-Party Hosting Worksheet

Have you decided against using our premium website hosting and management services, instead opting to choose an alternative hosting provider for your new website? No worries, while most of our clients appreciate the ease of having one web company to plan, build, manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and update their sites, we appreciate that some of our client’s unique business situations require alternative hosting solutions to the comprehensive ones we provide.

Please understand that in the case of choosing a separate hosting provider, we’re going to rely on your help to get the development process started. Since you’re providing the hosting environment, it’s up to you to verify your hosting provider’s compatibility and prepare some things for us to be able to begin developing your new site.

What Do We Need To Do With Your Hosting Account?

Specifically, we need to upload a compressed/zipped folder to your “public_html”area in your file manager (or whatever directory your domain/subdomain is pointed to). This folder is the WordPress core installatoin folder. If everything is working correctly, once we upload the folder to your public directory, we shouldn’t need any more assistance with server preparation.

Once the folder is properly uploaded to your server, and everything is configured correctly, whenever you navigate to the designated website URL, you should find an installation screen. From here, we can take over; however, if you’re familiar with the WP installation process, you can proceed, but just be sure to create a user account for us to use in order to access the installed/blank site.

Getting Started

Use the navigation tabs to the left to progress through our Third-Party Hosting Worksheet. You’ll see we’re currently on the “Overview” tab, and you’ll next encounter the “Disclaimer” tab we’re you’ll find our Third-Party Hosting Disclaimer. Below that, you’ll see some resources and information to help you, including links to our fully-managed hosting options and support documentation. The last tab and step on our is our Third-Party Hosting Compatibility Checker. Please complete both the Disclaimer and Compatibility Checker in order for us to proceed or know how to proceed with your website project.

Third-Party Hosting Disclaimer

While we’re happy to accommodate everyone’s unique and particular needs, it’s important to ensure that your hosting solution meets certain requirements to properly support your new professional website.
Modern and interactive websites are like computer programs and apps, the more complex they are, the more resources they'll require, like RAM, Diskspace, and bandwidth, to run and function properly.
In terms of hosting choices, when it comes to WordPress, there are many shades of "wrong." Many of the more tempting hosting options (the cheap ones) are either completely incompatible with a WordPress website, or they work but create a horrible user experience because the hosting package isn't sufficient. In other words, choosing the wrong host can mean your website is accessible on the world wide web, but it takes so long to load a page that the server either gives the users a timeout error or they exit the site in frustration.
Many interactive features require add-on software known as "plugins." More advanced plugins require monthly, annual, or lifetime licenses. Prices can range from less than $100/year to $600/year in the more extreme cases. Standard informational websites usually only need good SEO and Web Form plugins.

Depending on how much you want to leverage your online web forms for marketing purposes, there are many plugins for creating online forms. Personally, we prefer WPForms, and provide all of our hosting clients access to our licensing so they can use the form-making software on their sites, along with all of our other preferred premium plugins. While WPForms is one of the most expensive choices, it does offer a large number of integrations with email marketing platforms and other digital tools.
If you're uncomfortable with us accessing your server or any other online account you may decide to give us access to, you shouldn't. If you would rather handle the website installation and provide us with access to it once it's working, we can take over from there, without any access to your server/hosting provider required.
It's also worth noting that there’s only so much we can do on our end when something isn’t working correctly, especially when it comes to the steps and info we've outlined in this worksheet. We’ve done our best to provide more information in our Knowledge Base article “Choosing Your Own Host,” but at the end of the day, we need a certain level of access depending on the issue you’re facing in helping us get started working on your host’s server.
Unfortunately, if we can’t accomplish the steps below, we will not be able to proceed with developing your new site. Outside of the information, we’ve provided here, and in other support documentation, there’s not much more we can do other than wait. With that all in mind, let’s get into it.

We can’t offer too much help when it comes to managing your third-party hosting services, but we do have some Knowledge Base Articles that you might find useful, including a general overview of installing a WordPress site on your third-party host.

Not ready to invest the time in weekly website maintenance and upkeep (don’t forget to make time to schedule software updates!). Most of our clients appreciate the ease of having one web company plan, build, host, manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and update their sites. If you’re interested in a turn-key website management solution, check out our fully-managed hosting page for more info about our comprehensive webmaster packages.**

BEDA clients are eligible for a no-contract, three-year discount: choose any of our managed hosting packages and get a $30/month BEDA Discount.

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