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Accessible Websites for Local Government & EDAs

Governing and growing a municipality is a tremendous responsibility filled with never-ending tasks. So, our hassle-free, full-service website solutions are designed to create effective and powerful websites for your town that are simple and painless to use and maintain. We build, host, and maintain your community’s website to handle all the continual tasks of website management for you. We’ll implement simple processes to update your content and train your staff to use the website.

Your website is an important tool to provide useful and accessible content for your community. Build a feeling of transparency and familiarity between local government and the community with a well-designed website that shares all the information your residents are seeking in a way that fits all devices. Webpages for each department, filled with helpful details and links, let your community know who is working for them in their town and what important services they provide.

Department Info Pages


One of the most important functions of a municipality website is to build familiarity between your community and each facet of your government. Department pages will provide key information for each department in your local government to ensure your community knows the departments serving them in government, the work that they do, the services they provide to the community, and who to contact for further information and questions.

Staff Directory


Your Staff Directory page will feature the professionals helping maintain and better your local government.

Community Resource Pages


Our top priority will be providing easy-to-find and helpful community resources for visitors, residents, and businesses. We’ll work with you to make sure everything is organized and accessible.

News & Meeting Minutes


Keep your community informed with local news, announcements, and meeting minutes.

Local Hero Pages


The Appalachians are full of brave men and women, and chances are your community has more than a few. We’ll help you highlight them on yur new website.

Job Board & Online Application


We’ll help you stay staffed by building an online job posting system on your site. You’ll be able to accept online applications without depending on a third-party service to receive digital submissions.

Hosting & Maintenance


The majority of our website clients find convenience and savings in entrusting us with hosting and maintaining their new sites once they’re launched. We offer a variety of plans to meet your needs and budget.

Provide an Information Resource for your Community

Your website will be a go-to resource for important information in your community. And with us, it’ll be such a resource with minimal effort from your team. From capturing photography to building and maintaining the site, we’ll do it all.

Comprehensive Plans

We ensure this special part of your community’s history looks professional with hard-cover binding, stylish format, and easy-to-read charts and graphs. We’ll produce for you a well-designed, effective, and attractive document in physical and digital formats that will guide your work through the next decade.

Avoid wasting hours of your time formatting tedious charts, graphs, and other supplemental city planning details. We’ll take over the work of formatting your comprehensive plans so you can focus on governing. We’ll also help your department heads that are working on the plan stay organized with project management assistance.

Printed Municipal Forms

Large print, easy-to-read, and boldly stylish, we work with local government leaders to update their everyday forms into accessible and useful tools.

We can help you with all your form needs, but to simplify things, we begin by helping local leaders redesign the following forms:

  • B&O Tax Return Forms
  • Business License Applications
  • Building & Occupancy Inspection Applications
  • Parade & Assembly Permit Applications

What’s In Our Forms?

B&O Tax Return
Business License Application
Occupancy Inspection
Parade & Assembly Permit

The B&O Tax Return Form helps you work together with your local businesses to assess and collect appropriate taxes, plan, budget, ensure fairness and equity in tax collection, and maintain a transparent and accountable taxation system that supports economic development and essential services. Make this crucial task of local governance simple with a clear and effective form.

This form features information in Five Categories:

  • Filing Period
  • Business Details
  • Itemized Lists for Properties and Projects
  • Quarterly Business Activity Worksheet
  • Instructions and Notes

      We’ll design an efficient, attractive, and accessible municipal form that ensures business owners can navigate the licensing process without issue.

      The form will collect information in three categories:

      • Business Information
      • Business Owner Information
      • Business Activities

        Provide a smooth process for business owners to apply for an inspection and for city officials to record all important information. Help local entrepreneurs take the next step in launching their business with a quick and painless application process.

        This form collects information in three categories:

        • Business Information
        • Property Owner Information
        • Zoning Official and Building Inspector Notes

            Provide residents and local business owners with a clear and easy path to apply for permission to host a parade or assembly on public property. This form features information in three categories:

            • Applicant Contact Details
            • Activity Details
            • Activity Regulations

            Community Welcome Kits

            Make a strong impression on potential residents and business owners with promotional Community Welcome Kits. These kits are designed to highlight your community’s strengths and positive characteristics to attract new growth.

            • Directory & Attractions Catalog
            • Custom Folder
            • Printed Forms
            • City Calendars & More

            Help new residents and businesses access the resources and information they need for a smooth transition into your community with the support included in our welcome kits.

            Town Branding

            Your town’s branding is a crucial resource to communicate to your residents and the world what your community is about. We design brand identities for cities, municipalities, and local government organizations that form the foundation for all of your communications and efforts toward growth and development.

            Town Flags and Signage

            Spread your branding and messaging  through your town with flags, banners, and other signage.

            Expand the range of your municipality’s branding with physical materials like:


            • Branded Flags
            • Sidewalk and Sandwich-Board Signs
            • Retractable Banners & More
            This is a photo of the sign for the beautification grant in Princeton, WV, provided by the City of Princeton.

            Request a Proposal

            We’re experienced in working with local leaders and economic development professionals and will gladly attend board and council meetings to explain how our creative website and print services work.

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            Appalachian Economic Network
            City Website
            Comprehensive Plans

            We’re building a network and newsletter of local government and economic development professionals in the Appalachian region to promote synergy, growth, and the common goal of making positive change in the mountains of West Virginia.

            Can you present a proposal to my town council?


            Certainly. We would love to meet the members of your city council and present to them a proposal and explain our services.  Simply fill out a quick request form, and we’ll be right in touch.

            Can we customize the forms to include specific fields or information unique to our municipality?

            Absolutely. Our design process is collaborative, and we work closely with your municipality to understand specific requirements. We can customize forms to include fields or information that are unique to your community. Please note that some modifications/customizations will result in an additional charge.

            Can you refresh my town’s other forms?


            Absolutely. Generally, we start with the four forms included in the MuniciForm bundles above; however, we’re flexible and here to meet your town’s form needs!

            What type of paper is used for the forms?


            We use a sturdy 70# Matte Text paper that is perfect for writing on both sides.

            How long does it take to implement the new forms in our municipal processes?

            The implementation timeline varies based on the complexity and customization of the forms. We work efficiently to ensure a seamless transition, and our team will provide a detailed project timeline upon consultation. Generally, the process will take two weeks or less.

            Are the forms printed in full color or only black ink?


            All of our forms are printed in full color (CMYK).

            How much are the shipping charges?


            Free Shipping!

            Will the our new forms match our city branding?


            Getting new forms often begins with updating and refreshing your community's seal or logo. We will also take the time to match your current brand colors or develop new ones to ensure your new forms look great and are true to your municipality's character.