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Black Oak ATV Resort

Rooted In The Hills

Bruce Sizemore came into our office one day and made us feel like we’d known him all our lives. Black Oak ATV Resort, the business he started from scratch, is much the same. Book a visit with one of their cabins, and you’ll feel like you’ve gone to stay with family.

Bruce approached us as he began building his business and needed help with branding, web design, and print collateral. The warm welcome we received from the Sizemore family made it a joy for us to work with them to create a brand identity for the resort.

Black Oak branding in all white

Born On The Trail

The branding needed to reflect the business’s heart: a trustworthy and welcoming place to stay for riders as they enjoy their favorite activity and explore Appalachia’s beauty. Black Oak Road, the business’s namesake, works its way through Southern WV woods with three Hatfield McCoy Trails nearby.

We designed Black Oak’s branding to display a mix of attributes: it is wild and adventurous, but clean and comfortable. It’s a place for the whole family to relax, have fun, and make unforgettable memories. The logo had to reinforce this feeling with a look that was both exciting and familiar. 


Since becoming a client of Starry Eyes Media, my struggling business has taken off...

I run a cabin rental business, and my nights of rentals have more than doubled. When I first approached them, I told them that I have a good product but feel like I’m not reaching enough people to let them know about my cabins. We sat down and collaborated and what I wanted my website to look like. It wasn’t long after that they contacted me and said it was done.

My first impression of the site blew me away. It was like they were able to see my vision and design my website and logo to match my vision, but on the next level. Every time they add to or update my site, it exceeds my expectations. Not only that, the communication has always been more like hanging out with long time friends. They always seem to know how to take my words and transform them into the next level of awesome and displaying my vision on my website.

I have received countless compliments about how clean and concise my website is. The layout of my site allows my customers to see exactly what they are getting when renting from me. It shows my cabins beautifully and very professionally. Several renters have said that the website was the deciding factor in choosing to stay with us.

I am very fortunate to have such a high quality, honest, and creative company to promote my business. They never cease to amaze me.”

Bruce Sizemore
Owner, Black Oak ATV Resort

This is the bed at Black Oak ATV.
This is a photo of a campfire at Black Oak ATV Resort. Photo by Starry Eyes.
This is the inside of the cabin at Black Oak ATV.

Unforgettable Experiences

 In the spring of this year, as we were making updates to the website, we had a chance to return to Black Oak and take some new pictures. We spent the evening with the Sizemores and a family who had booked a cabin for the weekend. We captured photos of a night spent enjoying the sunset, playing games, and roasting s’ mores by the fire. These memories made under a star-filled sky became part of a refresh to Black Oak’s website’s design. Photos like these play an irreplaceable role in showing potential visitors the heart of a small business like Black Oak ATV Resort.

All The Little Things

There are many small, easily-overlooked components that go into starting a business and getting the word out. We helped out Black Oak with all of this, too. On top of designing business cards and rack cards, we also brainstormed marketing ideas to help the resort find the wide following it deserves.

Family gathering around the campfire to roast s'mores
Star filled sky out side Black Oak's cabins.

Outdoors Online

A successful website is one of the most powerful tools a small business can have, especially when equipped with e-commerce capabilities. The website we designed for Black Oak enables them to fully display their cabins and gives customers a platform to check availability and book their stay. The site also shows off the gorgeous, forested views around the property and offers visitors a taste of what they’ll experience when they book a trip.

Black Oak Home page
Black Oak "Contact" page
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