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Boho is a Bohemian retail store located in the Hinton Historic District of Hinton, WV. They carry a variety of clothing, jewelry, art, furniture, art supplies, and more, including Fiestaware dinnerware and handmade soaps.

In February of 2019, Boho selected Starry Eyes Media to provide their business with a sophisticated marketing plan, web development, photography, and branding. With an idea already in mind for the logo concept, we decided to do a brand based on those colors and styles.

From Painting To Branding

When the WV Hive contacted us with a technical assistance request for Boho, we were happy to help. Kristal Straub, the owner of Boho, already had a working concept for her logo, based on a painting by her husband, Carl Thompson. She wanted to keep the handpainted feel as much as possible. We integrated the “Marker Felt” typeface into the logo to give the name a handwritten appeal and to match the vinyl-based brandmark decals that were already in place on the Boho storefront. 

Using her Wacom tablet and pen, Starry Eyes’ Cecelia Thompson (partner and graphic designer) meticulously illustrated the painted logo’s flowers. Our team took this concept and put it into other projects that were requested, such as stationeries, rack cards, and the website. By creating a vector logo, this allows Boho to have branding on any background, scaled to any size without the worry of pixelation.

Paint Your Reality With Boho

Although her inventory rotates, rarely carrying the same thing twice, it was still essential to photograph what was on hand to give potential shoppers a taste of the store’s excitement. Product photography was made easy by Boho’s beautiful interior and lighting. With a variety of colorful images, we were able to create captivating marketing materials, such as Boho’s website and rack cards, that showcase the types of items sold at Bohor other marketing materials.

Inside the store, you’ll find a wide variety of local merchants selling their handcrafted items. From soaps to jewelry to art – you can always find the perfect gift at Boho. Besides, who doesn’t love Fiestaware? It’s a local favorite! 

Marketing Matters

Although we can’t publish it here, Starry Eyes Media developed a sophisticated and intricate marketing plan for Boho. Establishing their marketing plan began with a discovery session wherein we gathered some basic operational info from Kristal. The next step was to start researching who the target audiences are for this Bohemian retail store and how to best connect with them. Part of this step involved defining buyer personas to identify real-world scenarios in which we would reach those within each of the three target audiences we identified.

With target audiences defined and personified, we next completed local market studies to glean some statistical information on the size of the region’s target audiences. Another key element within our regional market study was our competitor and SWOT analyses. With a clear direction of who to market Boho to, we were next able to compose a digital media plan that outlined social media strategies, website management strategies, and other promotional strategies.

We wrapped up our marketing plan with a detailed list of short-term and long-term recommendations backed by our research. We also included an appendix, listing research references with hyperlinks.

West Virginia Artwork Focused

We wanted Boho’s marketing materials to express Kristal and Carl’s focus on local art, crafts, and goods. We used photographs of products and bright colors to really bring an appeal to the rack card. We designed the rack card to be 4″ X 9″ with 0.125″ bleeds. 

Funding Assistance

The WV Hive is an initiative of the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority whose mission is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise they need to grow successful companies right here in the Mountain State. Kristal selected Starry Eyes Media as her preferred marketing vendor in partnership with the WV Hive.

Out Loud Online

Due to the nature of how Kristal sources her products, an e-commerce solution didn’t fit into her business model. Tasked with constructing an informational-type website, one of our goals was to convey the brand’s colorful and sunny vibe while making it easy for customers to get in touch. Another direct purpose of the site is to provide information about stained-glass classes at Boho with an easy to use signup form for those interested in joining.

Part of our content marketing recommendation was for Kristal to feature an artist each month. Keeping in mind that Kristal would be managing and maintaining the site once it launched, we structured the “Featured Artist” section in a way that would be easy and convenient for Kristal to update.

Besides detailing information specific to Boho, Kristal wanted to promote commerce and tourism in Hinton, WV, through providing visitors with a directory of businesses and attractions in Hinton. When we initially spoke with Kristal about her projects, it was clear that she loved Hinton, a city experiencing the early stages of a local business renaissance. 

Aside from being a helpful tool to travelers interested in visiting Boho, the “Our Community” page we developed also gives travelers more reason to make the trip since there is so much to do in Hinton. What’s more, this section also fueled a portion of our SEO strategy for Boho’s site, adding keywords, backlinks, and relevant content for Googlebot to crawl.

Problems We Solved

Boho needed a great website to sell its rotating inventory, but Kristal didn’t want an e-Commerce store due to her sporadic wares’ nature. We needed to serve content and keep it fresh. Our solution was to pull in posts from Boho’s Instagram, where she regularly announces new products and highlights existing inventory. We also made it convenient for Kristal to feature local artists by developing a blog configuration.

We also solved the need for the store’s branding to match an existing and unique logo concept, a painted logo. On the day of the store’s photoshoot, we snapped a high-resolution shot of the logo painting and later vectorized and cleaned it up. We also picked colors from the painting to fill the brand’s primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Our Favorite Aspects

Traveling to Hinton, WV was a scenic experience, with Fall leaves still coloring the ground along the rolling route. The city of Hinton is also a sight, composed of classically beautiful architecture and bridges.

From a marketing aspect, it was exciting to explore and work with the bright colors and rich textures that make up Boho’s unique and fun merchandise. We also enjoyed the process of providing a total solution for Kristal, starting with research and a strategic marketing plan that guided our creative decisions with her collateral and website.