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Camellia Mountain

Hope. Healing. Recovery.

Camellia Mountain Inc., a holistic transitional-housing and recovery program, provides opportunities, support, and services for individuals recovering from addiction. Their hands-on therapy approach improves participants’ chance of successful community reintegration and sustainment of sober lifestyles. 

In January of 2018, Rachael Porter selected Starry Eyes Media from a pool of WV Hive vendors. Our work order included brand development and print design. We worked with Rachael to develop a logo and various print collateral geared towards reaching West Virginia women struggling with addiction.

Carving Out Concepts

Part of our process for developing branding includes working through a lot of ideas. Granted sometimes the right concept comes out of our first try, and while that might make things easier, it’s always fun exploring different ideas. 

Connecting With An At-Risk Audience

Addiction can be crippling, but like any other trait amongst groups of individuals, there are always common threads that connect them. Scratch the surface of addiction, and you’ll find a constant turmoil and struggle.

Our goal was to establish a message that wasn’t cliché, dated, or patronizing. It’s tiring following the intentions and needs of addiction. We wanted to remind those that are addicted that their lives don’t have to revolve around the recurring theme of struggle and strife.

Printed Collateral

Part of our work order was to design a rack card, flyer, and business card. We centered our “call to action” around a positive message aimed at inspiring thoughts of change and the future through Camellia Mountain’s holistic transitional-housing and recovery program.

Camellia Mountain Business Card
Camellia Mountain Business Card
Camellia Mountain Rack Card

Hope In Action

It was our suggestion to distribute the printed materials to high-traffic areas frequented by at-risk individuals. A particular point was Sheetz locations, as their rear entrances generally have community corkboards where individuals can post flyers, cards, and other various sources of information. Sheetz locations also have discounted prices on beer and cigarettes, and they offer ATM machines that offer withdrawals in multiples of five dollars. These facts offer flexibility to those grappling with addiction, making Sheetz prime shopping locations for those with limited funds.

Funding Assistance

The WV Hive is an initiative of the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority whose mission is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise they need to grow successful companies right here in the Mountain State. As a client of the WV Hive, Rachael chose Starry Eyes to represent her branding and design needs.