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Lynnette Maynor

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Lynnette Maynor is a local children’s book author in Southern West Virginia area. She writes Christian themed books and coloring books. Lynnette has worked with illustrators Adrian Covington and Judy Plumley to produce the beautiful artworks in the series. You can find her books for sale on her website or in local bookstores like The Hatter’s Bookshop!

Lynnette was one of our earliest clients and we’ve had the pleasure of working with her for years now on many projects. Beginning with designing an author logo and website, our work for her soon went beyond our usual projects into the world of book publishing.

An Author’s Identity

The full book and web design work to come began with a branding exploration; no project can be successful without a thoughtfully crafted visual identity! The author logo we produced for Lynnette reflects the personality she wanted to lie behind her books: it’s friendly, trustworthy, and open to all ages. We filled out the brand identity with supporting components like business cards, bookmarks, and even screen-printed t-shirts.

White version of Lynnette Maynor's logo.
Color version of Lynnette Maynor's logo.

Companions & Coloring Books

Lynnette writes her Children’s books with all ages in mind, and they’ve been loved both in classroom settings and by families and individuals. We’ve grown as a design agency through the process of designing these projects and have now produced six books with Lynnette.

We follow a careful process throughout all the work that goes into these books, especially when considering the illustrations. Lynnette has worked with two illustrators in her writing process, with her latest books, “Grace is Amazing!” and “God’s Amazing Grace Coloring Book,” having been illustrated by artist Judy Plumley.

We first photographed the illustrations directly from above, then use Adobe Photoshop to color-correct and prepare the images as digital files. Next, we insert the images into Adobe InDesign, where we combine the illustrations with Lynnette’s written text. After formatting, tweaking, and revising, the books are ready to be sent to the publisher for printing. 

Keeping Inside The Lines

We’ve also partnered with Lynnette Maynor to publish a series of coloring books made to be companions to the children’s books. For the latest coloring book, Judy Plumley turned the illustrations for Grace is Amazing! into line drawings with spaces to be filled in with color.

We use the same process in designing the coloring books and sending them to the publisher. All of these books have been well-loved by children and families all over our area.

An Online Community

Our work for Lynnette was capped off with full website design. The site lets her communicate with readers, post photos of her books in use, announce speaking engagements, and tell others about herself and her books. Lynnette also keeps up a blog on the site where she shares uplifting messages and Scripture verses. We recently added e-commerce capabilities to the site through PayPal integration so that Lynnette can sell her books directly to her followers.