Starry Eyes Media

Princeton Economic Development Authority

Heart of Mercer County, WV

Sam Lusk, the director of Princeton Economic Development Authority, approached us about the newly formed EDA back in 2021 with a request for a proposal. After reviewing the bids of a few different agencies, the City of Princeton ultimately decided that Starry Eyes Media was the right choice for them. We got right to work.

The first things that PEDA needed to address were branding, web design, and print collateral. The warm welcome we received from the City of Princeton made this project that much easier. We began quickly developing ideas for the brand, with a range that focused on the ideal location of Princeton along I-77 and Route 460.

Black Oak branding in all white

The Hub of the Mid-Atlantic

The City of Princeton is often referred to as “The Heart of Mercer,” located perfectly in the middle of our beloved county. Not only that, but the City is located along I-77 and Route 460, making it an ideal stopping place for those traveling the Mid-Atlantic region. When developing the branding, we wanted to reflect this idea. Not only is the location ideal, but you’re in the perfect stopping point to stay to reach a lot of destinations like Washington DC, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, and more. As a result, we came up with the finialized version you see here. The colors are a reflection of the community as well, representative of the vibrant growth happening in Princeton. 

Accessible To All – Large Print Forms

As we went further into this project, our knowledge for accesibility grew. We knew that websites should be accessible for all folks who access them, but we were left wondering — what about print? There are tools out there to help printed materials be more accessible, like magnifying glasses. But what if forms that people filled out were already easy to read and understand?

That’s where we decided to provide the city with new forms that were easy to read, with large text, so that more people could fill them out with ease.

Before & After

Take a look at how we transformed The City of Princeton’s Certificate of Occupancy Application from an old scanned copy to a fresh and easy-to-read tool!

This is a picture of Princeton WV's Celebrate Princeton festival. There are tents and people in the road on Mercer Street.
This is a photo of the sign for the beautification grant in Princeton, WV, provided by the City of Princeton.

Economic Development Online

A website is more than just information about an organization. It is a tool built with a purpose, ever-evolving. Princeton Economic Development Authority is laser-focused on bringing business to the great City of Princeton, and that is something we wanted to reflect across the website. We built a community directory, which allows businesses and organizations across the City to submit their information for free. It will reflect on the map giving users access to any information they’re willing to provide.

We also built a property database, which allows realtors and building owners to submit their commercial property for sale. While this isn’t a tool that completes the sale like Zillow, it is another push for economic development in the area by allowing the promotion of the property, much like a Facebook post would. 

And if you’re someone who wants to open a business in the City of Princeton, the PEDA website provides you with all of the necessary steps and information to get started. You can even book a free consultation with Sam Lusk, the PEDA Director. Pretty cool stuff if you ask us.