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Taste Of Bridge Day

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A Taste Of Classic Appalachian Culture

October 22nd, 1977, marked the completion of the New River Gorge Bridge construction project. This event would prove to be an important day for our home state of West Virginia, as three years later, our people decided to make Bridge Day an annual festival. 

Bridge Day, however, isn’t the only notable cultural event to come from WV history. Nearly twenty years ago, Rotary Clubs in Fayette County came together to launch Taste Of Bridge Day, a special event coinciding with Bridge Day that introduces tourists and locals to scrumptious treats from around the region. 

Flavor Old As The Hills

Taste of Bridge Day is held every year on the Friday evening before Bridge Day and hosted by the Canyon Rim Rotary Club. This event gives some of the finest restaurants in the region a chance to share the tastes that make Appalachia such a unique and vibrant place.

The Rotary Club hired us to manage their print design needs for the festival, and it has been our pleasure to be a part of this day for going on four years. To support the festival, we’ve designed the programs showcasing the event itinerary (and food!), as well as postcards, flyers, and signage to advertise the event. And, of course, we’ve eaten a lot of the food.

The Taste of Bridge Day postcard design.

Sharing A Culture

The program is a crucial part of the festival. It communicates a lot of information to the event attendees, such as the entertainment schedule and the sponsors, as well as the combined menus of the food vendors.

All of the print design work we’ve produced for Taste of Bridge Day each has a unique community-sourced element. We’ve worked with images contributed by West Virginian artists and the branding submitted by local businesses sponsoring the event. The most recent collateral we designed for the 18th Annual Taste of Bridge Day features an image of the iconic New River Gorge Bridge captured by local photographer Melvin Hartley. 

A painting of the New River Gorge Bridge in the fall

Work, Work, Work

There’s a lot that goes into facilitating a festival like this, and it shows in the print design materials we’ve made for the event. The list of completed projects includes pieces like menus, postcards, flyers, signage, coupon tear-offs, branding, photo-retouching, and a lot of eating!