Starry Eyes Media

Wild Mountain Soap Company

West Virginia Handmade Soap

Phillip and Mary Peelish began making soap at their kitchen table, giving away samples to friends. In late 2012, they began producing their soap to sell to various local shops and B&B’s. After two years, they expanded from having one scent to more than fifty.

Being frequent shoppers of Wild Mountain Soap Company, Cecelia and Brandon overheard proprietors Phillip and Mary discussing the need for a catalog one day. What turned out to be a quick lunch-break shopping trip ended up being an impromptu marketing chat that led to a fun catalog project.

Creating A Product Catalog

Already having their branding and website taken care of, a significant element missing from Wild Mountain Soap Company’s marketing toolkit was a product catalog. Being designers first and foremost, this project was just the type we live (and love) to do. We set out to create a multi-page document that highlighted available scents and the various bath and beauty products that Phillip and Mary crafted. They supplied us with the super neat patterns found on their product packaging, as well as files for their logo and fonts. They also provided us with the exact body copy to insert into their catalog. It was up to format everything per printer specifications.

Snapping To It

Without great product photography, a catalog (or any advertising tool) ends up being 75%, at best. We called upon an old friend and photographer extraordinaire Mike, from RC Creative, to help us capture product shots, as well as shots around Wild Mountain’s workshop. We left with a ton of great content, inspiration, and great-smelling examples.